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Carl2291 said:

We don't know that, because Nintendo were stupid enough to launch the system when there was nothing worth buying on it.

As I said earlier, if they'd have launched it late October/early November with a launch lineup of Nintendogs, Layton, Zelda + 3rd party stuff and had 3D Mario/Monster Hunter + more 3rd party stuff for December... Followed by the early 2012 hitters + Mario Kart in the Quarter, as they planned it, then the games would have been there for people to think "Oh. Mario, Monsters, Puppies and Kittens, Karts, Zombies, Puzzles and an old Ocarina? Yeah. That's worth $250."

Instead people were saying "Oh. Puzzles, Puppies, Kittens and an old Ocarina? Sounds ni- What? $250? Nah."

The 3DS has still problems at $170 (as February and March NPDs will show), so there's no reason to believe that it would have done well with all the same games and a $250 price tag.

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