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smbu2000 said:
DemoniOtaku said:

BTW: almost frogto to say:

nice Sales for tragnarok, I was expecting less than 20k.. But it seems that the 24pts of the preorder cartz were more that whartt seemed... for a New Ip on a undersold new system did well with the Digital sell could do 50k on first week may be...

New IP? Is it really? What about these games:

[NDS] Ragnarok Online DS (GungHo Works) {2008.12.18} - 44.509 <58,30%>

[PSP] Ragnarok: Princess of Light and Darkness # (GungHo Online Entertainment) {2011.10.27} - 15.559

True! I forgot about those games.. well.. then did Good for a Ip on a Undersold system jajajXD


and @basil.. Didn´t you know? I knew but forgot rigth after they Say is Developed by GamesArts (Grandia series).. that's the reason why people claimed for Online mode..XD


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