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DMeisterJ said:
W29 said:
DMeisterJ said:

Bitter much? Maybe you don't have a lot of profile views because you act ungreatful, and quite harsh, for reasons I don't know. i've done nothing to you.

Bitter actually I'm sweet and nice to all. I'm actually eating Skittles right now, profile views I don't care to much about. It's a lame boastful way of boosting your ego on this site. Get over this User Ranking shit.

And of course you haven't done nothing to me. Who cares I'm not acting you but this thread.

First of all, I said stop cursing, prepare for a report.

Second, your second sentence is all flipped up. It should be "And of course, you have done nothing to me." not "haven't". And your last sentence makes no sense, I don't even know what you're talking about.

ummm your modship that you want is really getting to your head now. And second it's the correct way I typed it so please do not re-word my sentences.

What I meant on my last sentence was that "Who cares?..I'm not attacking you, but this thread".

Is that correct enough for you?