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First of all, the things I liked about Skyward Sword:

  • Fi
    • I liked her. At least story-wise and her "personality". The only thing that could have been done better... well... could have been done at least GOOD: The tips and hints. I don't give a shit about "Your battery is low" or "You are low on health". Guess what? I have eyes. I can SEE that myself. I don't need her for that.
  • The Upgrade system
    • I really liked that I can finally spend my rubies for something useful.Upgrading the shields was a great idea (other items not so much), even though it would have been great if they would have gotten more than just a longer bar.

Now the things that are average for me:

  • The controls
    • The controls were good and responded well (sometimes a bit too well), besides that, I wish I could have just attacked from more than 8 possible directions (The whole 360° would have been great). Also, the whole recalibrating was annoying as hell. Do I need to say anything more? Really, it's really annoying that you have to recalibrate EVERY SINGLE TIME you point out of range with an item or even the maps.

Now the things I disliked about it:

  • Dungeons
    • When I play Zelda, I want BIG dungeons with MANY puzzles. NOTHING else. The dungeons in Skyward Sword were the exact oppposite and therefore one of the biggest letdowns in the entire game.
  • Areas
    • It was a nice idea that the areas changed during the story, but I what did Skyward Sword have? A forest, a volcano, a desert. Well, and the sky. But it's not like you could do much there.
  • Overworld
    • Wind Waker was bad when it comes to the overworld, but Skyward Sword's "overworld" really bored me. It was great that the sky was this big. But something was missing: Locations and... everything else. 2(?) minigame islands, a single island with a sidequest and a handful of empty islands (with MAYBE a treasure chest) is nowhere near enough to keep me entertained.
  • Art direction
    • I'm honest. I don't hate Cel-shading itself, but I REALLY can't stand Cel-shading in Zelda. For me, it doesn't fit the franchise. For me, Zelda is supposed to be dark and serious (NOT realistic). But when I see characters like Groose (Is he called like that in the english version?) or... Pretty much EVERY NPC, I just want to facepalm myself.
  • Safe Points
    • It's one thing if you do it like Majora's Mask with the owl statues (temporary save file where you can teleport to), but that you can ONLY save and warp back to the sky by using one of those stupid statues... I just don't get why Nintendo made this bullshit.
  • Music instrument, the songs and BGM
    • Is it THAT difficult to give me USEFUL songs I can USE MYSELF? You know, songs that teleport me, need to be used in dungeons, for minigames, in sidequests? Seems like it. The lyra and the songs were one of the most useless things in the entire game.
    • Skyward Swords music is... ok at best. But nothing more. There were only a few pieces of music that I liked. Even most of the boss music was just plain boring. The ballad of goddess and Nayru's wisdom were pretty much the only pieces of music where I can honestly say that they're good.
  • NPCs and enemies
    • Was there even ONE minor NPC with a background story like Kafei and Anju? Not that I remember. The characters were forgetable and uninteresting. Also, Nintendo should have make more enemies and not like a million different Bokoblins. Oh, and Demise... His design was pretty good as well as his background story, but it was complete bullshit that he only appeared (as Demise) during the last... 5 minutes or something like that.
  • Stamina bar
    • I hate it. Simply as that. It was a piece of shit in Wind Waker, it's a piece of shit in Skyward Sword. It doesn't add ANYTHING to a good gameplay. Actually, it does the exact opposite.

Overall, 6/10. Skyward Sword was a real disappointment for me.