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Cheebee said:
yo_john117 said:
Cheebee said:
I was just thinking, can't you just use VGC's user score for all these games? They're on the individual games' pages.

You can't really trust those because they are sometimes abused much like Metacritic user scores are plus a lot of people like to write out reviews and discuss it.

Yeah alright, you have a point there. Then again, people can troll the game just as easily in this thread. :p

I wouldn't say just as easily. In those reviews you're pretty much anonymous and can rate it 1 without much effort. Here if you rate it 1 everyone pretty much knows you did and you also better have some damn good reasons or it won't count. Of course there's always the stealth troll scores like 6-7 on games that get more generally favourable reviews (8-10 range) just to lower the aggregate score bit by bit. But really those cases just make those individuals look silly for putting so much effort into some incredibly juvenile sense of war.

What I'm more interested in here is what people actually thought about the game. What did they like? What did they hate? Why? The "Why?" is incredibly important because different people can have very different ways of looking at the same fact. IE. Fact: SM3DLand is on the easier side of Mario games. Coming from a Mario veteran this could be a negative point. For someone who isn't great at Mario games (read: I suck) it might be information I appreciate even if their opinion differs from mine.