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ghettoglamour said:

This is the first Zelda I've bought and played through. Overall a good game but to me, it just can't be the masterpiece people claim it is.

+ Great combat system
+ Great dungeon design
+ Lots of intelligent, well-designed puzzles
+ Some beautiful moments
+ Some great bosses
- Weakest first 2 hours EVER this gen.
- The game feels stretched out, recycling bosses and dungeons.
- The story is very childish yet it wants to be epic. It just doesn't fit to me. Couldn't care less about it and its characters.
- VERY ANNOYING T-Pain's sister Fi, ridiculous Emo-F** Ghirahim (really, WTF???)
- Some very aged mechanics
- Art-style too sesam street like to me. No real dark contrasts. With Mario, DK, LBP, Rayman I have no problems with it, but then again, this game SHOULD be epic right?

SCORE: 7.0 out of 10


always been annoyed by said train of thought, that story needed to be "dark" to be good

also, nothing's emo about Ghirahim,

aw well everyones opinion is their own