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9.1 - Skyward Sword lacked the magic of others iterations like Twilight Princess of Majora's Mask. You know why? Because it's an adventure game, but was designed like a Super Mario Galaxy games. The areas were not enough big and the sky felt just like a hub world with no interconnection between the desert, volcano and forest zones. I think too much focus went into creating a motion control experience and that it resulted in being only guiding line of the game. I didn't feel the sense of freedom of the other games, I felt like I had to follow a path all the way.

The soundtrack was pretty solid, but not on par with Ocarina or even Twilight Princess. I think they should have put more time into it just like they did with Super Mario Galaxy or Ocarina of Time back then. The characters were a major pros in the game, they had real personnality and it was amazing to see them interact, even if there's room for improvement. Ghirahim was amazing, I think Nintendo just notch the best Zelda foe ever, unlike Zant which was in my opinion just plain crazy with no real charisma. I would have like to see more agressive ennemies, less Fi talking (she's stupidly annoying) and more side quests on the ground. But the story was really good, it showed all we had to know about the Zelda serie before and after.

As for the next Zelda console I'm not willing to change the formula but to improve it at its best.