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varnishtarnish said:
All this Bush hate makes me sick. I don't understand what he fucked up so bad. He has turned around the situation in Iraq, and he has the nuts to continue the war on terror regardless of the all the pussy-liberal screaming. This "recession" sucks, but you cannot lay the blame on one man. And to all you internationals out there, you have not been attacked by Islamic extremists. You guys just keep your heads in the sand. Up yours. If a nuke goes off in DC in a decade, will all our pussy-footing around in the Middle East be worth it? No. It will not.


I won't say that I hate Bush. I just wish that he wasn't the president and I cannot wait for his term to end, hopefully without getting us into another war or messing up the country more then he has so far. And you claim that Bush turned around the situation in Iraq? HE CREATED THE SITUATION IN IRAQ.

Have you forgotten about terror attacks that happened in Spain or those that were thrwarted throughout Europe?  Terrorism doesn't just target the US, they target all of those who think differently of themselves and it doesn't matter who it is.

I can't blame the "recession" (not quite there yet, but it's coming and the stock market will be having a major "correction) on Bush directly.  But you have to admit that with his reckless spending on military and wars is harming the future of the United States.  Had there been some prudent spending in his economic plans to cut costs (which can be done) they would be much better off.

If there is a terrorist determined to attack or suicide bomb a city or place, it will be tough to stop them if they are intelligent.  The best we can do is to use our intelligence agencies to help prevent them as they arise and hopefully stop them before they can carry it out.  No matter how hard we go after terrorists we will just assist them into recruiting new members due to homes/families/lives destroyed by killing or torturing and harrassing good citizens of other countries.  Sometimes, the best defense against a terrorist is a good defense and not a strong offense. 

That said, I didn't vote for Bush either time, and it's questionable if he truly won outright in both elections as there was quite a bit of controversy in the elections.   I fear a Bush presidency more then I would a Hillary presidency.  But, I would prefer someone like Ron Paul or Obama over Hillary.


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