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Salnax said:
d21lewis said:
Zen Pinball. How I love thee! Online leaderboards, too. I'm friends with close to 80 people and, last time I checked, nobody has beaten my high score in the first table. Do you have what it takes?*

Can anybody vouch for the quality of Pilotwings and Ridge Racer? I'm kinda in the market for a new 3DS game and Res Evil doesn't come out for a couple of weeks. I'll die without a new game!

*answer: No. No, you don't.

Pilotwings was meh. It was an alright game at launch for showing what the 3DS could do, particularly the analog stick and 3D effect, but you could beat the game in a couple of hours, there is no online or multiplayer component, and there are a couple of minor quibbles I have with the game. It could be worth picking up for $20, but there are simply better games on the 3DS. Heck, with Ace Combat scoring alright reviews, its probably not even the best flying game on the system.

I'll pass on it for now, then.

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