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The only reason I posted in this thread to begin with is because of the stupid comments posted on here. Bush was not responsible for 9/11, Clinton was because of his lack of balls to go after Bin Laden. Hell Bin Laden had already bombed the World Trade Center once during Clinton's term I believe, but no action was taken. I agree that at the end of a President's term that the economy tends to slide back a bit. It happened with Clinton, and Bush helped us with tax cuts. You can hate Bush all you want, but we are fighting overseas right now and that is better than here in the U.S. The surge is working in Iraq even if the Liberal media doesn't cover it. The only problem that I have with the Democrats is that they are so left wing. Obama seems like a nice guy that I'd like to sit down and have a beer with, but his policies and view on national security scare me. Socialized healthcare for everyone would not be a good thing for this country. The quality of care will go down.

Feel free to attack me for what I believe, but Bush is not the bad guy. But if Obama is the Democratic nominee he will be President. He is too likeable. If Clinton is the nominee just imagine the fun the Republicans are going to have. Have a good night fellas.