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UncleScrooge said:
DanneSandin said:
I'm not too sure NSMBMii will be a launch title... Ninntendo might wanna hold it back a while, releasing it on a later date to boost sales, no? Pikmin this X-mas, and then launching MNSBMii when the Xbox720/PS4 comes out just to steal their thunder - wouldn't that make sense?

It sure would but they'll have Mario Kart ready for late 2013 most likely and there's a big chance either Wii Fit or Wii Sports 3 will be released in 2013, too. So Nintendo would fire most of their biggest gungs in a single year. So in my opinion Mario Bros. for late 2012 and Mario Kart + one "Wii" game in 2013 would make more sense. Hasn't that been Nintendo's stance with the Wii? One "casual" and one bridge or core game each Christmas.

Aaaah touché Scrooge! Touché... But I'm pretty sure they'll have a "Wii U Sports" out within the first year - perhaps a second one then?

so, for 2012: NMSBM and "Wii U (whatever)"

And in 2013: Mario Kart and yet another "Wii U (something)"

and just maybe, just maybe in 2014: Zelda :D

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