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DanneSandin said:
I'm not too sure NSMBMii will be a launch title... Ninntendo might wanna hold it back a while, releasing it on a later date to boost sales, no? Pikmin this X-mas, and then launching MNSBMii when the Xbox720/PS4 comes out just to steal their thunder - wouldn't that make sense?

It sure would but they'll have Mario Kart ready for late 2013 most likely and there's a big chance either Wii Fit or Wii Sports 3 will be released in 2013, too. So Nintendo would fire most of their biggest gungs in a single year. So in my opinion Mario Bros. for late 2012 and Mario Kart + one "Wii" game in 2013 would make more sense. Hasn't that been Nintendo's stance with the Wii? One "casual" and one bridge or core game each Christmas.