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NJ5 said:
OriGin said:
He needs to be Impeached... having that man in charge of the USA for another 364 days is too long... Fuck how did he even get elected in the first place, Americans (who voted for him) are ... *censored*

Just watch as a war starts with Iran this year... it's almost a guaranteed.

What about the Americans who voted *twice* for him? Isn't there a saying which starts "fool me once..."? I normally don't lash out at Americans, but I was really disappointed when he got elected the second time.

Yes, there is.


EDIT: What on earth is going on with Flash embedding? I've gotten it to work before, but something has changed.



Anyway, with regard to the 2004 election, I was incredibly disappointed, but the fact is that the Democrats just didn't have their shit together. The country was still reeling from the attack in 2001, so the politics of fearmongering won. That, and Kerry just ran a pathetic campaign.

For Christmas this year, I got my mom a "Countdown to Bush's leaving the White House" calendar.  It has a tear-off sheet with a Bush joke for each day until inauguration 2009.