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Here is the primary components list according to the source.

Primary Component Listing
Sony CXD5315GG – Quad-core processor with two Samsung K4P2G324EC 256 MB Mobile DDR2-S4 SDRAM Memory die (512MB total memory)
Toshiba THGBM3G5D1FBAIE - Multichip Memory Package – Memory and Memory Controller
Marvell 88W878S-BKB2 - Avastar WLAN/Bluetooth/FM Single-Chip System-on-Chip
Fujitsu MB44C026A – Possible Multichannel Switching Controller
Sony 1144KM427 – suspected AKM Magnetic Compass
Wolfson Micro WM1803E – Audio Codec
Qualcomm MDM6200 – Gobi Single-mode Modem
Qualcom PM8028 – Power Management IC
Toshiba TY890A111222KA - Mobile SDR SDRAM Memory
Kionix KXTC9 - Three-axis MEMS accelerometer
Avago ACPM-7868 - GSM Power Amplifier
Avago ACPM-5005 - W-CDMA Band V Power Amplifier Module
Avago ACPM-5001 - W-CDMA Band I Power Amplifier Module
Avago ACPM-5002 - W-CDMA Band II Power Amplifier Module
Avago ACPM-5008 - W-CDMA Band VIII Power Amplifier Module
EPCOS B7429 - SAW Duplexer
Sony CXM3555ER - SP10T Antenna Switch Module
Atmel MXT224 – 224-Channel Touchscreen Sensor
STMicroelectronics 32P10SOD
STMicroelectronics 3GA51H - Gyroscope

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