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NJ5 said:
OriGin said:
He needs to be Impeached... having that man in charge of the USA for another 364 days is too long... Fuck how did he even get elected in the first place, Americans (who voted for him) are ... *censored*

Just watch as a war starts with Iran this year... it's almost a guaranteed.

What about the Americans who voted *twice* for him? Isn't there a saying which starts "fool me once..."? I normally don't lash out at Americans, but I was really disappointed when he got elected the second time.

Regarding a war with Iran, I was thinking about that too today... does he "have time" to do that? He certainly seems to be dropping a lot of warnings, but who knows if he means it or not.

If only someone gave him a blowjob...


Senator Biden said during the debates that he would start impeachment procedings on Bush if he attacks Iran without authorization from congress first. Whether you believe he would really do it is another thing though!