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Bursche said:
segajon said:
I thought her husband was a good president, and I think she has the potential to be one too.

Bush is ranked just under Clinton in the Top Presidents of all time. Clinton wasnt that great of a president, the media just loved him. Its a big difference. And the recession has been coming a long time, throughout the 90's, but has been pushed back and back through stimulus packages.


So while I do disapprove of Bush, he is not to blame for nearly as much of the going ons and mistakes in his two terms as all of you make him out to be. But I guess you need a figure head to put all the blame on when things go awry, even if he wasnt entirely at fault. I mean out of the thousands of elected officials in this country, pff, put all blame on the big guy instead of the people around him, in both parties. Scape goat much?

I agree with your post.