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Metallicube said:

I'd give it more of a 3/10, but still it was definitly a pathetic year compared to prior years. Most of the games I did play were imports (Xenoblade, Zangeki, Rythm Heaven, etc). which is a bad sign. I think Kirby is actually the only new game released in America that I played. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but it should not be the ONLY great game all year. Granted Zelda looks good too, but does look pretty underwhelming even compared to Twilight Princess. And Mario Sports and Just Dance 3? That's a big meh to say the least..

What Nintendo should have done this year, if they're resources were really stretched thin on Wii U and 3DS development, is used the opportunity to at least localize some games from Japan and Europe, to at least give the appearance of a strong lineup. Why not release Zangeki, Tales of Graces, Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Fatal Frame 4, etc? You would think the effort involved would be minimal and it would be a low risk, high reward move that would at least keep the US fans busy for awhile.  If games like Fagile Dreams and Sakura Wars can make it to these shores, why not those games? I do hear that Rythm Heaven and Xenoblade are making their way to the US which is encouraging to hear, but it might be too little too late.

While the fault lies on third parties to some extent, Nintendo by now should know that third parties want nothing to do with this console for whatever reason, so the responsibility lies on them to keep the userbase replenished with games, and this year they have failed to do that, especially with American releases.

Rythm Heaven wasnt released?? interesting. I thought it was coming out in winter, but looking at the sales in the US for the DS one, I can see why they might have passed. Zelda is good, you're missing out, but i like them all, so take what i say with a grain of salt. Tales of Graces is a Namco game, Ninty has no power over that. And it is being released stateside, just on PS3 and not WIi. Fatal Frame I agree. Sony or someone needs to TAKE that away from Ninty, cause they are doing nothing with it. At least on PS2 they were getting localized.