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kivi95 said:
Dgc1808 said:
I don't remember any boasting, and I lurk in every SONY and Gaming Discussion thread. As for everything else you said, I don't know. it's already confirmed that Sorcery will be a short game (6 hours or something around that mark). I'm pretty sure when it was announced, it was announced to be a PSN title as well. I doubt SONY's aiming for a Zelda like game.

Where did you read that it was 6 hours only and that it was annonced as a psn game is just a lie.

Some guys from the dev studio visited IGN and they got to play a bit of the game and ask a few questions.

". I was told that the game is only five or six hours in length," - Second to last paragraph


I can't find a source for you on the PSN thing though. I'm not sure when or where I heard that but I'm pretty sure i'm not mistaken on it.

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