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Dgc1808 said:
I don't remember any boasting, and I lurk in every SONY and Gaming Discussion thread. As for everything else you said, I don't know. it's already confirmed that Sorcery will be a short game (6 hours or something around that mark). I'm pretty sure when it was announced, it was announced to be a PSN title as well. I doubt SONY's aiming for a Zelda like game.

apparantly the trouble was stirred up by an article claiming that sorcery proves why the move is the best over the wii, to best the wii you would think it would have to outdo the best in it's genre no? hence the start of fanwars and people comparing wii games to ps3 move games

ps im just discussing here, not trouble causing (for once lol).

it's the future of handheld


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