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Why would you even compare zelda to sorcery? I've only played the game in my mind for a few minutes, but sorcery is hands down the better archetype for that -childish-fantasy-action-puzzler genre.
IIRC, last time I was in the future, the next zelda had been canceled and pretty much all 3 million fans of the game switched over to ps3 and move because all they actually wanted to do was shoot magic around and zelda had become far too puzzle-y.
Aunoma was staunchly against changing the 25-year proven formula of "unlock mystical sword, get upgrades that unlock things in previously visited areas, gather pieces of something or other, so that the gameplay is like a washing machine of revisiting the same areas over and over and over", to something more fun like, "playing something different".

It's sad because the next zelda will come only in 2020, and it's ocarina of time hologram edition, instead of the vastly superior majora's mask hologram edition, which ends up getting canceled after a dangerous sword preorder-giveaway occurs leaving 18,000 dead Links, Link descendants, and alternate universe Links in the span of 1 hour.