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Playing Ace Attorney Series, I adored them.
Massive hate for Nintendo after looking at Q2 line-up.
Troll Skyward Sword.

Playing Ghost Trick, a really great surprise.
Playing Okamiden, pretty good.
Playing DK Country Returns, could be my favorite platformer ever.
Playing Pikmin 2, my favorite RTS ever.
Dissapointing E3.
Massive hate for NoA for not brining Xenoblade or The Last Story.
Troll Skyward Sword.

Playing Portal for PC, adored it.
A sudden hype for Skyward Sword.

Playing Layton and the Last Specter, GOTY 2011 so far.
Playing Chaos Rings Omega, actually, a great RPG.
Playing Skyward Sword, only 2-3 hours, exams got in the way.
My sister got a 3DS with crap games.

B+ (DS was actually the best platform this year)