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Tridrakious said:
Seece said:
Chris Hu said:
Ouch not very good not even better then the 3DS sales. If the sales remain sluggish over the next couple of month maybe Sony is going to follow Nintendo and have a massive price cut.

Even though Sony is trigger happy, I just can't see how they can afford to make an even bigger loss on Vita (I asked if they were the other day and a Sony fan told me they were, so I assume they are)

Then again I'm surprised Nintendo went as drastic as they did, they're in a better position company wide than Sony though.

321k is fine, it's gonna need some actual killer SW to prop up sales for 2012, nothing out now really cuts the mustard IMO.

My 800k prediction was before I noticed it was only going on sales for 2 days. Either way this is still a great number for the system that doesn't have a killer app right now.

Rubbish, don't believe you. Been on this site long enough to know how this works, and it was laid out in the OP for you. Besides, not going to sell another 480k over the next 5 days is it? Actually I don't want to know ...

Seece, what do you think of Vita hitting a million sold by the end of the year? And can these numbers be trusted?

If it stays flat it can? Who knows, unless you are Sony and have hard evidence it's pretty hard to know how a new system is going to trend. I hope it can though, something for them to shout about.