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Roma said:
Emme said:
I have the strange fear that Nintendo won't be able to deliver a true HD Zelda in the first 2 years, and IF they don't they might go the OoT route and just do a make over to a Zelda game so they have ANYTHING to release for WiiU, other than re-releases of Wii games which will save their butt until new games appear.We have seen that with The Wii, where the beginning was just ports of multiplatform games and Zelda and Red Steel.

I wouldn’t call Zelda a “port” as it came to Wii before it came out on GC. You barely seem to know what you’re talking about. Red steal only came to Wii so how does it make it a port.... from what other platform?

Sure it got a few ports from PS2 but that wasn’t from Nintendo. Nintendo had the two Pikmin games and the two Metroid prime games that cam out after Metroid prime 3. so those were games that came out later and not in the beginning. What more ports from Nintendo are you talking about?

Read again: "ports of multiplatform games AND Zelda AND Red Steel.I didnt say anyhwere that those two were PORTS.

Besides, in Europe Zelda came out for GC and Wii simultaneously, and the rest of the world had a difference of less than a month, and it clearly wasnt developed for Wii as the leading platform :/

You know what I mean, no need to pollute this place.