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chocoloco said:
Metrium said:

And chocoloco, for Marks defense... you have to admit that Roy was kind of a douche... (but I still love him :P)

Roy wasd cocky, but it was also what we loved about him in Colorado. We always believed he could win and would show everyone he knew he could do it. Also it is pretty well known in Colorado that Roy will eventually become the head coach. He has talked to the orginization about it many times.

Funny you say that, because around 1month ago, with the awfull season start the habs had, rumors were saying the same thing about him becoming montreal's head coach. He is currently coaching a minor hockey team in quebec city (he is also co-owner i think) and he keeps saying that he wants to stay there for a while... not sure if its true tho, it might be, because i think if he rly wanted to make the jump to the NHL, he would have done it a long time ago.

And yeah, he was extremely cocky, thats why loved him and that is also why alot of ppl hate him. I dont think I will ever get over the fact that we traded him to you guys >.<

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