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mushroomboy5 said:
JTurner82 said:

WIll they try to release it at least in the MIDDLE of the cycle for WiiU and NOT the end?  I think the latter choice may have been a bit of a mistake for the game in Japan.

I don't think releasing SS at (or near) the end of wii's lifespan was a strategic decision. I think they would rather have released it sooner than later...I assume they released the game when it was ready, and they'll probably do the same thing again next time.

Somehow I think Nintendo are probably banking on other franchises to bring home the real bacon these days so they probably don't care how long it takes as long as it's good.

But then the idea is why make the game at all? Every game should have a purpose beyond merely diversifying the library, and while you should not pervert a game's spirit merely for sales, you should certainly seek to optimize its potential

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