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hmm they should release a game every two years or every year :P

seriously though i think it is a bad strategy to show us something and then come with something different. now i love the art style of SS and WW but i would love to see that WiiU Zelda for real. i hope motion doesn't get the blame here. I'd rather the style gets the blame than the motion as this is the best way to play Zelda and probably one of the reasons why SS is the best Zelda for me.

Now Zelda doesn't sell that well in Japan but what is the reason? is there any article on why it is like that?
surely it can't be because its a "difficult" game i mean i want it harder than SS even though it had a perfect balance. i most certainly do not want a less easy Zelda than SS!

has Nintendo ever been asked why Zelda doesn't sell that well in japan?

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(