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Rainbow Yoshi said:
(listing something that isn't above)

A PS3 exclusive called Starhawk will be coming out next year (it has some relation to Warhawk), I think the beta for online is available in North America at the moment.

nah it's still a private invite-only beta. the public beta will start early 2012..CAN NOT WAIT! I'm really hyped for this game :D 

OT: Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Yakuza of the End, Bioshock Infinite are the ones on my mind at the moment on the Home consoles

BUT PSV! SOOOOO MANY GAMES! just to name a few Golden Abyss, Escape Plan, Gravity Daze, Sf vs Tekken, Wipeout 2048, Tekken Tag 2, Mortal Kombat Vitality etc etc it's gonna be a fantastic year! :D 

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