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TakeMeToTheHospital said:
nintendo_fanboy said:
 The one thing I complain about though is that the game lacks a touch of "epicness", something that distinguished NSMB on the Wii from the DS game.

which NSMB had 'epicness' in your opinion dude.. Wii or DS? 

The epicness of the battle against Bowser on the Wii I assume?  I wasn't totally expecting him to morph into Mega Bowser and take up up the entire left side of the screen.  It wasn't that hard and after dying 4-5 times I finally made all the jumps right but it was still a pretty nice final boss fight.  I don't think Bowser was a mega beast in the DS version.  It has been so long since I played and beat the DS version that I don't really remember.