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Kasz216 said:

Yeah.  I mean it's worth noting that it took two attempts to pass the bank bailouts.  The first time the measure failed because 2/3rds of republicans oposed it.  Only to get brow beaten into it after the HUGE stock market drop and public outcry that came afterwords.

Yet ironically it's now the republicans catching all the flack for it.


As for why your getting tax money back.  If I had to guess i'd say it's because other countries corporate and investment taxes are way lower then ours.  Your probably paying the overseas tax rate on some of that money (which you may not even know depending on who does it for you) and therefore get tax credits for it here.

I mean, for a comparison.  New Zealand, largely considered way to the left of the US.  Has NO Capital gains tax.  This is compaired to the US that wants to raise it to income tax levels.

Or say, the US corporate tax rate, which when factoring in all the tax breaks, is still one of the highest in OCED countries.

No one does spin like Obama.  He still has his loyal following that drinks the kool-aid.  I remember that.  I remember democrats calling republicans racist because they didn't want to pass the fair housing act that caused the housing crash and subsequent world economic collapse that we are now in.  Democrats said owning a home is a right.  Republicans said it's something you earn, a priveledge.

Oh yeah, it's a pain in the ass to do business here.  Yet people blame the companies for leaving and taking the jobs with them.  They do it to compete.  That's what you do in business.  Once again, the government should be to blame for that, not companies.  Ire misdirected.