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Not shocked at the 360 numbers, but shocked at the people crying about it....

It happens every year in the build up to the holidays, you think people would learn by now.

Also just thought i would add something to the whole "Europe" thing. In case you have not heard countries like Spain,France,Italy,Greece and now maybe Germany are in financial trouble. In Spain 40% of ages 16-35 are out of a job. That is the gaming audience. I am surprised that the numbers for all the consoles are that high right now in europe considering the eurozone issues.

The sad thing is the numbers will continue to mirror last years and the year before that, and the year before that but yet people will still cry undertrackz for da ps3!! Sony never wins the holidays. Feck even November last year in the NPD 360 sold 1.4m and the PS3 sold only 500k. An almost 900k gap just from that one month.

I think very few people honestly expected PS3 to be doing better then 360 in the run up to holidays.