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The ridiculous example is just as ridiculous as charging for online gaming.

No it isn't, regardless of what you think, MS DO offer a service.

Sony already charges for something else on their PSN, called PS+.

You said that about two posts ago, I already responded to that.

Tell me this, how will Sony explain why they are charging for online gaming when they didn't for the last two gen?

Sony have had to explain far worse, if they can get up their and say $599 on stage, they can very easily charge for online when Microsoft has been doing it for years.

Online gaming is actually becoming cheaper as time goes.

I don't consider $599 worse. And lets see, I don't think they want to keep making mistakes anyway.

$599, Online Hacking, No games, it's all bad press but Sony charging for online, they're lucky in that they would get very little flack thanks to MS. Explaining it would be very easy, especially if they charge a lower rate (which I'm almost sure they will.)

PS Vita has free online as well. A next gen handheld. Sure you could say its a handheld, but....hey. They could have tried charging for it.

It's a handheld.

And you think MS offers a "service" for online gaming.......

No, I know they do.

you realize the exact same service is available for free on Gfwl?

Microsoft themselves are offering it to you for free on another platform.


Yup, what's your point? Because it's free on one platform it's not a service?

The service offered to you during online gaming is entirely by your ISP, not MS.

Really wrong, actually factually wrong. XBL is a service, MS made the online, without XBL as a service, good luck playing online full stop on you xbox with just an ISP.

Its a fact that you are ignoring since a long time in this thread. Other services they offer like achievement etc they offer it for free. Cross game chat is also very less taxing on MS when it comes to servers etc.

So yes, its not a service offered by MS.

Yes it is.

MS doesn't have anything to do with your online play except for exclusives.

They offer a lot through gold (besides online gaming), but you obviously know very little about that.