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Seece said:
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Seece said:
mantlepiecek said:
They won't charge for online gaming. Seems 360 fans haven't known this for a while, but PSN already has an answer for paid subscription of Gold and that is called as PS +.

Common sense tells you that they won't charge for online game play. And no, there is no "service offered" when you are playing online. You are using the devs servers and your own internet connection when playing online.

'Common sense'? Huh?

Common sense sauys they could and should, they're a business, and they're throwing money down the drain by not doing so. They don't offer PSN to you for free because they love you, they do it because this generation to be on par with XBL they needed too.

PSN+ doesn't generate near the same amount as XBL. Nowhere near.

I hope you know by the time PSVita and PS4 release.PSN is already going to offer the same or maybe even more of what LIVE offers lol.So they're will be no point of paying for LIVE.

You can tell the future then? PSN will improve, but so will XBL, online is in MS's DNA, it's incredibly unlikely PSN will ever surpass XBL in quality.

thats already happened... like 2 years ago.

anyway, im guessing he's talking about the one and only thing xbox live has that psn doesnt, which is crossgame chat. which the Vita will have, and for FREE.

edit: and i hardly consider allowing you to use your own internet connection (which you already pay for) a service.