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theprof00 said:
kowenicki said:

ok so now knock of the tv losses of about 1bn per year and you are in a loss situation, before any other losses they incurred... believe me there are some.

If you really believe the only problem sony had this last year was the tsunami there really isnt any point talking to you.  No tsunami this next financial quarter, lets see how they do,  then the quarter after... and the quarter after.

Suffice to say not a single analyst agrees with you, nobody in charge of sony agrees with you and the government of Japan dont agree with you.

Also, you are a crude and disgusting person for saying that there isn't a Tsunami next quarter. You are seriously messed up. Seek therapy.


Seriously, wtf? You completely misread his post. He is saying Sony had a bad Q this Q, and the next will be bad (assuming) and the next without there being a tsunami, meaning you can't soely blame the tsunami. He isn't saying anything of the sort that somehow suggests he wants or likes a tsunami or anything you can attack him for there ....