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You post articles like these and still believe Sony is fucked somehow in the business department.


Your whole tone is that Sony is sounding its death rattle and is going to need massive overhaul to stay alive, right?

You offered suggestions as to what to change but really, the only reason they are posting losses is because of the tsunami.

You came to that conclusion?

Exchange rate issues, the current economic situation and the sony business model of low margins are by far the biggest problem. 



In July, when the maker of Bravia televisions forecast full-year operating profit of 200 billion yen ($2.6 billion), Sony assumed the euro would trade at about 115 yen from July to March. The company loses about 6 billion yen of annual operating profit, or sales minus the cost of goods sold and administrative expenses, for every 1 yen decline against the euro, according to Mami Imada, a Sony spokeswoman

source Bloomberg.  by the way.... Euro is now 103. another significant drop since the last financials


"Sony expected an annual operating profit of at least $2 billion"

Tsunami hits:

"$3.1 billion lost"

"The Japanese electronics and entertainment conglomerate is now projecting a 90 billion yen loss ($1.2 billion)"

2 - 3.1 = -1.1billion.

Your currency against euro above: 6B yen per point. 12 points. 72B yen = 937 million

Thai floods = 320 million


2 billion minus 1.25 billion = .75B operating profit without the tsunami.

ok so now knock of the tv losses of about 1bn per year and you are in a loss situation, before any other losses they incurred... believe me there are some.

If you really believe the only problem sony had this last year was the tsunami there really isnt any point talking to you.  No tsunami this next financial quarter, lets see how they do,  then the quarter after... and the quarter after.

Suffice to say not a single analyst agrees with you, nobody in charge of sony agrees with you and the government of Japan dont agree with you.

I'm not really here!

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