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Gunman121 said:

Your statistics are mistaken. This is a success for the PC.

Remember, with the 360 + PS3 = Costs are more to produce the game + retail space + walmart/gamestop take.

PC titles are cheaper to build, Thus 250,000-500,000 is considered a success. With Digital distribution, Take Steam 100,000- 200,000 units is necessary to make a profit. (Steam takes 30 % ) While at stores they take 60-70% --- now note, steam didn't have BF3. Take origin. 100 % profit right there.

This is not a failure. A failure for the PC is when a boxed unit only sells 20-80,000.

(This is why The Witcher 2 was considered a success)

650.000 is not enough  to make profit though, also forget that PC games are also cheaper to buy while a console game will earn them more than an sold PC game in retail...