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I hope my English doesn't ruin the jokes:

What's the difference between a naked black woman and a naked white woman. The White one appears on Playboy and the black one appears on National Geographic.

If you throw a black man from a 20th floor, how much time does it take him to hit the floor? -Who cares?

Do you have anything against the blacks? -Yes, a baseball bat

This ones are the worst:
What do Etiopian women do when their kids turn 1? -They put flowers in their grave.

How do you put 20 judes in a car? -With an ashtray

I'm sorry, I'm not racist at all... but I don't care about political correctness. I laugh a lot about Mexican jokes, so, sorry if someone gets offended. But if you get offended by racist jokes, what are you doing in this tread???