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maverick40 said:

Silent hill 1-3 were so  predictable?? Did you even play them?

Silent Hill is predictable. Approach door - oh, it's locked. Approach next door - oh, it's locked. And so on and so forth...

He wasn't talking about gameplay........The story line isnt though and he said the reason alan wake was so predictable was because it was mysterious. Silent Hill plotlines have always been mysterious. But by the case you are making then alan wake or even mario is hilariously predictable. 

Yes  I own them LOL.

Silent Hill is predictable beyond belief. And very basic.

ALan Wake has a much better writer and is much tighter in its storytelling. 

Also much much much more clever.

much much much more clever... tel you what buddy.  Leave the evaulation of writing to us okay?  :)

Alan Wake was actually pretty good, but was definately more predictable than Silent Hill 2 (1 and 3 I'll give you are predictable too).  It was also a shameless mish-mash of various Steven King Maine based stories with Twin Peaks format.

The only horror game I've ever played that felt like horror was Silent Hill 2.  Although to be fair Remedy themselves position AW as a thriller and not as horror, which is more appropriate TBH.


I can't let unfair accusations like this go unanswered. 

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