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NiKKoM said:

Batman... cause he would be smart enough not to meddle with the fight untill the others have killed each other... and he went to the McDonalds missing the entire tournament..

Well in that case then the only thing that he won was man"s battle against Food! Food has no chance to win, until later on. You see food has a secret strategy. It battles against you for life. This batman in the picture has been winning the battle, but he will lose the war. Food is slowly giving him diabetes, Heart problems, Acid reflux, etc.

As for the actual Tournament, batman is disqualified because he never showed up. If he did show up and had to battle the last man standing, I think it would just depend on who he had to fight!

So in this world that you have created for Batman Nikkom, I would say he has lost on both lines. Next up, Batman Vs. Elektra!

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