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badgenome said:
Sad stuff. The cars floating by reminded of the Japanese tsunami a little bit. Pretty tough to watch, and if it wasn't for the girl crying, I don't think I would have been able to finish masturbating.

Thanks for the thought. Quirky way to defuse the tragic events, but don't worry I'm not offended by it. Instead I'm furious with our arrogant and incompetent mayor, it took two days for her to apologize, and before she was always getting pissed and haughty at anybody contesting her, and she dared to defend her undefensible decision of not closing the schools when the weather alert was confirmed: 5 of the victims were children or their mothers, that, worried, ran to pick them up at school. After, Mrs. Dumbass, decided to block the traffic everywhere, not just in the zones flooded or at risk, and finally she modified the order blocking private traffic only in the zones where it's necessary. It looks like she proceeds by blind attempts and guesses...

Yeah. That sounds pretty typical, sadly. Does Vincenzi have to stand for reelection next year? If so, I'll keep my fingers crossed that she gets crushed.

Last time I heard, Democrats (that once in Italy were actually Democrats, now are a mix of former Communist party mixed with former left wing Democrats and Socialists) intended to present her as candidate again and alas too many of my fellow citizens are dumb enough to vote her again. Maybe, just to play safe, they'll present another candidate, after what happened, but I wouldn't swear on it.

Communists, despite just a large minority nationwide, are the strongest part of the left wing majority in my town and in 3 out of 4 provinces of my region and they have been in the local administrations most of the last 40+ years. Thanks to friendly judges they even managed to get away almost unscathed from scandals that wiped out all the other old parties in 1992. One of their former mayors, now governor of the region, that still had a sentence in his record, was finally acquitted by the Supreme Court. Not being able to find any other possible reason, the Court ruled he was innocent because he didn't understand the resolutions he signed. His had been sentenced for approving a wrong project, pushed with bribery to other members of his administration, for a tunnel that cost millions and had to be rebuilt as trucks and buses got stuck at the end of its access ramps, and he's an engineer, just to point out how much likely is the justification the Court found for him. BTW that tunnel cut medieval drains, and after they made it, zones of the historical centre that had never been flooded in 7 or more centuries, started been flooded during the strongest rains (not tragic floods as the ones in the zones of the town built near the torrents after WW II, but they do a lot of damages anyway). So now he's a presumed innocent, and a certified idiot (with a ruling of the Supreme Court, even) that doesn't know what he signs, but Genoan commies keep on electing him, he's been even minister of Transport.

Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly! (Pontius Pilate, "Life of Brian")

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