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PC, Green, MS, America, shooter, teenagers, cheap build, business.

–PC because it seemed to me that Xbox basically got the PC crowed with (then) PC-like games like shooters and WRPG's.
–Green because... well, this one's obvious.
–MS because... again, obvious.
–America because it's an America product, it suits American tastes and Americans love it.
–Shooter because they became popular on consoles with Xbox and the Xbox audience still loves shooters more than others.
–Teenagers because I have the impression there are tons of them with Xbox's in comparison to other consoles.
–Cheap build because of RROD, the model without hard-drive, batteries for the controllers, etc, which made me think that it was designed to be as cheap to produce as possible.
–Business because MS seems better at doing that, business. Xbox live, big profit margins, etc.

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