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zarx said:

yea i think dev's/pub's want more of both and if Sony and MS can give them what they want/looking for then we'll see some improvements in all areas but if its not streamlined then we could find ourselves paying on Hefty price tag for games.

and game budgets could go through the roof and we don't need that. 

It will be interesting to see how the industry deals with the changes. Most devs from what I have heard from devs assets are usally created at much higher levels then end up in the game for verius reasons. And there are plenty of ways to improve graphics by utalising more power without spending a lot more time creating assets like mandating that all games should be 60fps 1080p with plenty of AA and tones of physics bassed objects and particle effects etc.

But I do have a feeling that most developers will go straight to producing more higher quality assets as possible...

yea i agree, but quality shouldn't equal an improvment in grapic's. it should be about innovation in games.

Sadly innovative gameplay is hard to advertise and you have to rely on reviews (that only core gamers read) and word of mouth to sell, where as production values and graphics are easy to market.


i'm still thinking i should have told you about the seizure. i mean you are on my friends list. its just something i didn't think was important. we should talk more often.

another thing that bothers me is difaculty settings. instead of making the game hard. they make your health go down fast, and for me it adds nothing to gameplay. theres is no challenge in that.


Well we have only been freinds on here for a weak or 2 if I remember correctly I guess tho I don't know when you had the seizure, and as long as you are ok it's not really an issue. I hope any after affects are temporary anyway.

As for dificulty settings it would be cool if they actually spent time making smart AI for the higher settings IMO. So while on easy they would act like normal enemies like they are on most games today, for example in most FPS enemies are pretty dumb and run out in the open and take cover with their heads sticking out etc, but imagine on harder dificulty levels they would work as a team take cover where you can't attack them without flanking and flank you when you aren't looking, send out decoys and set traps etc. It would be amazing and really change up the game so plying at higher dificulties wouldn't just be a more challenging where enemies take longer to go down and you go down faster but a really different experiance. I think some games have kind of done it by having them use more advanced spells and drink potions in RPGs etc but I think if they really rampt up the AI so they actually appeared to be smart sometimes rather than lemings as they are in most games these days.

I guess I really just want better AI in general , AI in game hasn't really got much better than Halo, F.E.A.R. and Half-Life really. Rage does some interesting things from what I have heard  with AI how different enemy types act really differently and they all actually use their surroundings and aren't totally scripted. It might be worth me getting RAGE just to see how it works... But I am just rambling now lol, I do that sometimes

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