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Throughout its public relations cycle, DICE's Battlefield 3 was shown only on PC and, later, PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version was kept under the stairs, beaten weekly and fed fish heads and stale water.

That led many to assume it was a hideous thing, but if these screenshots from the Korean version of the game are legit, it looks OK.

I mean, things might change when you see it in motion, and things are certainly looking jaggier (and grainier) than they will on PC, but given the age of the 360's hardware and shroud of mystery surrounding the version over the past six months, I was expecting much worse.

'배틀필드 3' 한글판 스크린샷 공개 [Ruliweb, thanks 장종하!]


Source: http://kotaku.com/5851206/heres-what-battlefield-3-looks-like-on-the-xbox-360/gallery/1


















































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