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Iveyboi said:
x_DMX_x said:
Netyaroze said:

Nobody expects BF3 to outsell MW3. Not even EA. So why would you be surprised if MW3 outsold BF 3 ? Never heard this sentence before. If BF3 does insanly well it will sell HALF of MW3. That is optimistic. BF is nowhere near the size of COD. Black Ops/MW2 sold more then every Battlefield title on all platforms together. Hype=/=sales

Wtf are you talking about?Dice claimed themselves that Battlefield 3 will be the Call of Duty killer.They said MW3 will be the last game Infinity Ward/Treyarch makes.

Not only that but I just want to see all the PC fanboys who hyped this game up until now feel that they once again got outsold by Call of Duty.

Dude, Great album, but your logic is wrong. DICE initially said that they wanted BF3 to be the COD killer. About a month ago DICE admitted that BF3 will not beat COD this year, however they said that sales of BF3 will easily be the highest in the series. Even if BF3 sells half of MW3,it will have taken a crunch of MW's market and will be a success. People, and the industry, want a game to compete with COD and hopefully BF3 does this!

What do you mean Great album?

Anyways I guess I was wrong but, still I can't wait for MW3 to outsell BF3 maybe that will help get DICE'S head out their asses and start developing Mirror's Edge 2 that's a game that actually deserves a sequal.