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superchunk said:
Mummelmann said:

superchunk: yeah, its all about priority. For me, its easily worth it, just bought a new rig a few weeks ago and the amount I spent on it equals what many of my friends spend each year on iPhones with accessories so I don't see it as quite that bad to be honest. I choose to spend my cash on PC instead of smart phones, tablets and other shit I don't need. I can see your point, I really can, I was a console gamer before but just can't seem to get fully into it again after I started using performance PC's. Of course, I also use my PC for almost all media and web browsing so it has more uses besides gaming (then again, so do some consoles). But, we are not talking "slightly better visuals", we are talking vastly superior visuals, endless amounts of mods, cheaper games and DLC, better framerates and overall performance and superior controls, its not simply "slightly better visuals". I'll have to respectfully disagree there. And its not like you need an upgrade evyer six months either, like many make it up to be.

I agree with you and note that PC gaming is the best solution... for a single player. However, I'd rather buy 3-4 new games right now than a GPU.

I have a family/kids and I don't want them all gaming on my one PC as its not conducive to local multiplayer and I'm not putting together multiple high-end computers. Instead its cheaper and easier to buy a console for the TV.

When I had no kids... I had PC gaming only. With a family.. PC gaming is just not the best solution. No local multiplayer. Have to buy n (where n = number of players) higher-end PCs and then you're still in different rooms. i.e. it sucks for local. Consoles are far more family friendly and cheaper under these circumstances.

I'd rather have BF3 on my PC. I've said that since it released. I refused to originally buy BFBC2 due to it being a console build, however, in the end.. it just made more sense for me and my family to buy the PS3 version. So I bought BFBC2 to get used to dual analog and will buy BF3 so I can play locally with kids as well as online with others.... the lower pixel count won't really diminish my fun in the long run.

Agreed, the social aspect on the PC is all but vanishing. We used to have LAN's all the time before but now everything happens online. If you have kids as well, the pure technical aspect and logistics also speak for consoles and their role in the entertainment world!

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.