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x_DMX_x said:
Well coming off of almost Naughty Dogs greatest year and all those awards for Uncharted 2.It got 96 on Metacritic right?So judging by that its going to be 96+ on metacritic.I doubt it will be lower because that would just mean the game was worse than its predecessor.

Its not that simple. Any game that has 2-4 points lower than its predecessor is MOST times the better game. To think UC3 will top UC2s insane high score is ..not going to happen. Gears 3 scored 1 pt lower than Gears 2 which scored one point lower than Gears 1. Forza 4 and 3 same applies. If you are a meta whore like myself you will know that by todays standards, if a game is to recieve 2-4 pts lower than its predecessor, it is better. LBP was revolutionary in 08 with 95 meta and most GOTY awards. LBP2 3 years later got 92. Its the first game but a lot more basically. If Un3 gets at the very least 92, itll be considerd a success and solid sequel. If it manages to do what it did in 09, that is left to be seen.

You may be right but I hope you know that Uncahrted 2 is different from all those games.Has Gears won any GOTY awards?What about Forza no.Usualy if a game won GOTY by alot of reviewers most likely they will rate the sequal higher.Look at Uncharted 1 for example it was good but not on Uncharted 2's level.Then Uncahrted 2 got better and so on.So what im saying is Uncharted can only get better.Even if Uncahrted 3 gets a 95 I can honestly say Uncahrted 2 is the best SINGLE PLAYER game ive played this generation yes meaning better single player than any Xbox360 exclusive and PS3 exclusive.

Gears of War 1 won plenty of GOTY awards in 2006 ;D.