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This is not a voting thread (you all know how great I am at those types of threads!), but just an opportunity for you all to give a shout out to a  game that was not good. The one game that you give a little prayer to God about every night thanking him that no one gave it to you for Christmas.

My games are Veggy World Wii, and Quest 64. Even though Veggy World looks fun from the video, you should not trust what you cannot play. As for Quest 64, I do not care if you were dying for an RPG back then on your beloved 64. You should avaid this like the Mimivirus! Unless you like mediocricy then by all means these games that look decent on the outside are the ones that you want to pick up. Games that are bad and look bad are not the problems here. Games that look good, but are bad are a different story! You all understand the dissapointment of playing a game that looks like it will be awesome then the finished product is not what you thought.



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