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RolStoppable said:


In its pursuit for casual gaming, the video game industry has been acting disrespectful to the hardcore gaming community. For example, the latest disgrace to gaming, Kinect, was defended by Microsoft by saying that hardcore gamers will like the device, simply because the games made for it will have achievements. Apparently that's all it takes to make us hardcore gamers happy. But this really is just the tip of iceberg. If it wasn't for the Wii, there would be no Kinect. So the situation we are looking at today is all Nintendo's fault.

Microsoft is going to learn their lesson the hard way, just like Nintendo currently is. They banked on casual gamers to carry their console and look how that turned out. It worked for a short while, but now they have to catch up and are hurrying to launch an HD console with a proper controller and online service to appease us hardcore gamers. Will it be enough? We'll see, but it definitely wouldn't hurt, if Nintendo for once bothered to create some new IPs instead of publishing the millionth Mario game.

Gaming wouldn't exist without the hardcore gamer. Casual gamers are fickle and move on to the next big fad, but we are here to stay, because we care about gaming. It's more than just a hobby for us, it is a lifestyle. We are proud of our achievements, because unlike casual gamers, we actually do have some.

Right now it looks like Sony is the only company who knows how to properly cater to hardcore gamers. They don't waste resources on casual crap and keep pumping out great exclusives left and right. That's why they lead in worldwide sales this year and rightly so. Long live play.

8 generations in you would think that the people who are in charge of the major video game companies knew who they owe their continued existence to. Hardcore gamers are what keeps this industry alive. Either please us or go out of business. It's that simple.


Just wait till Kinect Disney Land Adventures releases.Then youll know what the real definition of HARDCORE IS.