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homer said:
d21lewis said:
Hilarious cast?
Crono died, Lucca's mom got her legs cut off, Robo got raped by his fellow robots, Marle's dad had high blood pressure, Janus's whole world got destroyed, Ayla got dinosaur AIDS, and Frog's best friend died and he got turned into a fucking frog. Hilarious.


Who is Janus? Is he little Magus?

And Luccas mom does not get her legs chopped off unless you are totally incompetant and can't stop a simple machine.

Lastly, Ayla has dinosaur AIDS? I did not see anything hinting towards this in my playthrough...

1.  Janus is little Magus.

2. Maybe I enjoy seeing Lara lose her legs.

3. You didn't get the dinsoaur AIDS ending?  And you call yourself a Chrono Trigger fan?  Okay. I made that one up.  Ayla has it pretty good through the whole game.



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