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RolStoppable said:
spurgeonryan said:
There is a program from what I am told on the computer that allows players to go back to the spot that they died and just keep trying over and over until they figure out the right combination to get through the level. They don't call it cheating, but it does save a lot of time, and help you figure things out easier than having to go all the way back. Still impressive being able to get through the levels like this. Especially the Streets!

That would be tool assisted runs. Is the video you posted tool assisted? I thought it wouldn't be, because he spent 175 hours to perfect it. But if it is, then that's just lame. I have no respect for tool assisted speedruns.

I have no respect for them either. I do not know if this is. Bunker is relatively easy though. I know I can do about 10-12 levels on LTC mode, and 3-4 on DLTK mode myself. I had to change my youtube screen name when I called them on using that tool because I thought it was cheating. They insisted it was not! I know if I had to play 1,000 times just to get back to the same spot with out tools I would smash the game. But with the T.A.R it doesn't matter. They have this for Perfect Dark as well!

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