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trashleg said:
I had to talk about China today to what seemed like 100 people at a university open evening thing. I almost threw up beforehand, I got the shakes and the sweats. Why am I so bad at talking to people?!

My laptop had an extra gb of ram put in its bum, its now running as a laptop should. I can't believe that's all it took! :D

Well... that explains my incredible social abnormalities.

I stick an extra GB up my bum every year. It's a good system to keep your mind on the ball.

I'm STILL looking for work. Actually I'm kind of nervous to apply to a lot of jobs. After the way my interview (the first one I've got) went, I don't think I'm ready to even work in my field as I simply could not answer any of the questions he asked, despite knowing the answers. I felt like such an idiot and it's kind of developing into a programming block and a whole guap (I've always wanted to casually throw that into a sentence) of social anxiety. I'm now having trouble sleeping, losing mass like debris in the atmosphere, and I don't even have the drive to get up and do exercise anymore. I feel like I shouldn't indulge in my hobbies either as I haven't earned the right to through a good day's honest work. When I try to play something to cheer me up I just feel guilty and quit in 15 minutes. And worst of all, I feel like I'm just being a giant whining baby. WTF happened to me? I used to be the top of my academic and social standing. I know I haven't changed that much! Agh! I think I'm doing this to myself in some way.